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Taste of Honey


On tour: A Taste of Honey

"It’s chaotic – a bit of love, a bit of lust and there you are.  We don’t ask for life, we have it thrust upon us."

When her mother Helen runs off with a car salesman, feisty teenager Jo takes up with Jimmy, a sailor who promises to marry her, before he heads for the seas leaving her pregnant and alone. Art student Geoff moves in and assumes the role of surrogate parent until, misguidedly, he sends for Helen and their unconventional setup unravels.

Written by Shelagh Delaney when she was nineteen, A Taste of Honey is one of the great defining and taboo-breaking plays of the 1950s, offering an explosive celebration of the vulnerabilities and strengths of the female spirit in a deprived and restless world.

Directed by Bijan Sheibani (Barber Shop Chronicles), this British classic is an exhilarating depiction of working-class life in post-war Salford.

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Mishaps Podcast


Natalie Anderson, Neil Hurst and myself discuss some of our worlds greatest faux pars, as well as a few of our own. Join in the chat and download today on iTunes or Spotify. Series two coming soon!

Standard Issue Podcast


A podcast for women, by women. Download on iTunes or Spotify 

Years and Years BBC


Years and Years, the new Russell T Davies drama which follows a tumultuous 15 years in Britain through the eyes of one family, is set to air on BBC1 in 2019.

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